Frequently Asked Questions

How do I look up an HOA on your site?

How To Search by County:

  1. Navigate to the Communities by County button in the navigation
  2. A list of counties is shown with a link
  3. Find the County and Click on the Link
  4. On the next page, you will find a list of HOAs in that city
  5. If you don't see the HOA on the first page you can click through to other pages - or you use the search box in the navigation.
  6. To Search in the Search Box - simply click on Search and start typing the HOA name, click on the Search Icon
  7. The HOA will appear on the page, click the link Display HOA Details link on the right

Why can't I find my particular HOA?

  1. Some homeowner’s associations have variations in their names or they will abbreviate the names.
  2. Some condos or subdivisions have different names than the association.

I found the association, but there are no property managers or board members listed.

  1. Some associations don't use a property manager and some associations switch managers frequently. In the case where there is no property manager, you can contact the board members directly. Some associations are still under the developer, so you will need to contact the developer.

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